A Letter From our President and Founder!

Part-ner-ship (noun): The Relationship between two or more people or                                             organizations involved in the same activity.

To all of our Partners; Agents, Managers, Clients, Associates and Future Partners:

This is who we are and this is our vision:

Never before has there been this type of a "Generation" Partnership Company that Offers this level of comprehensive financial protection. This Superior Business Model offers all Life and health Services "Under one Roof". SSIP Insurance Partners is your Primary Resource Providing Health, Retirement, long Term Care Planning and Treatment, as well as ensuring your money is disbursed correctly.

Our Purpose: We exist to make a positive Difference in the Life of Each Person We Touch!
"One Person at a Time"

Conviction Driven by:

  • Integrity
  • Relationships
  • Selectivity

We are different because we are all partnered together:

  • » We have partnered with the most impressive companies.
  • » We have partnered with "High-Touch, High-Tech" Agents.
  • » We have partnered with Elite Educators in our Industry.
  • » We have brought all of the top agents, companies and available products to our clients in a simple and understandable way - there are no games or gimmicks, only security.
  • » We are Your One-Stop Top-Rated Shop!

This comprehensive partnering allows us to offer the best value for the best price so that no matter where you go, your SSIP is with you and all in one place.

We all deserve to feel secure and have expert help when preparing for our futures. Since none of us are the same, we require expert support and guidance for our individual situations. Whether you are an agent or a client, you can now align with one distinctive company.

SSIP Insurance Partners is your Integrity Driven Partner.


Sam Hoyek
President & CEO
SSIP Insurance Partners