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SSIP Insurance provides industry leading final expense whole life insurance products from nationally recognized life insurance carriers to our distribution across the country, however we also back up those products with first class training for agents we work with. As an SSIP Insurance agent, you will have access to the following Agent Training items:

The most extensive education,  training, and support you can

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SSIP Insurance provides industry leading products from over 200 TOP-RATED insurance carriers.  We also back up those products with the highest level of back office support for our agents.  As an SSIP Insurance agent, you will have access to top tier back office support, extensive agent training, and nationally-known motivational speakers to assist you in being as successful as possible.
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Legacy Safeguard
We truly believe that we have the life insurance industry’s most robust and unique sales and marketing system – Legacy Safeguard. With Legacy Safeguard, you can help your clients leave a lasting legacy and be remembered long after they’re gone with a free membership in Legacy Safeguard.

Legacy Safeguard provides members with legacy planning and end-of-life planning assistance, support and guidance. Members receive the following benefits when they enroll into Legacy Safeguard:

Legacy Planning Services
End-of-Life Planning, Guidance & Assistance
Support for Survivors
Estate Planning Support
Celebrating Life Events

Legacy Safeguard offers value to everyone. Clients receive comprehensive legacy planning and end-of-life planning service to help them leave a lasting legacy and be remembered long after they’re gone. Agents and agencies get access to the turn-key sales and marketing system that is proven to increase sales, persistency and face amounts. Legacy Safeguard is a marketing system you can use today without re-inventing the wheel. Legacy Safeguard provides members with legacy planning and end of life planning guidance, assistance, and support while adding an additional service you can have in the home.

Generating leads is an invaluable part of the business world in any industry. Lead programs provide benefits for both you and your potential clients by allowing you to address and concentrate on those who are specifically in need of your solutions or products. As a licensed agent, SSIP will help you find the prospects that increase revenue for your business.

SSIP Insurance has developed multiple lead solutions that can fit your business. Our National Marketing Directors will work with you to generate a lead game plan that is tailored to fit your sales style, which helps achieve the most success by narrowing down leads through multiple variables to reach the target market that best suits you and the solution you offer.

Our lead programs are designed to help you meet your sales objectives and maximize your productivity through discounted company-supported and sponsored direct mail lead programs as well as pre-approach letters going back to your current clients.

Referral System
We have completely reinvented the referral process to enable you to “earn” referrals when you use our referral agent training. With Legacy Safeguard, we have changed the paradigm of asking for referrals. If you spend ten minutes talking to our Final Expense National Marketing Directors, you will be able to immediately use our referral sponsorship system.

How many referrals are you currently getting per week? Three? Five? Whatever your number, be prepared to blow that number out of the water. We recently had an agent get 37 referrals in ONE week, then he went on to make 26 sales.

Referrals, like leads, are a numbers game, and you can use the compound effect and turn your new referral stream into a large income stream with Legacy Safeguard and SSIP Insurance.

BAK (Bank Account Knowledge)
The more you KNOW the more you GROW! SSIP Insurance Partners is fortunate to have some of the leading-edge training materials in the industry for you to put into your arsenal. The more you LEARN, the more you EARN, and education never stops. We try to create unlimited earning potential now.

SSIP Insurance Partners has over 200 Credit Hours of the Highest Impact courses designed with your success in mind. You can say we have your BAK covered. One Team – One Mission. Your Success is our Success.

Orientation and Introduction to Vision 18
Our ultimate success manual will give you a track to run on and help you manage your schedule. We also review our company’s values and vision for the future to help get you started. 
7 credit hours

Need Assessment and Fact Finder
Whether over or under the age of 65, this is a major tool for determining the suitability of a client. Pair it with our shield short presentation as a sales tool, and set the agenda for your time with your client.
8 credit hours

The Complete Workout
We develop our partners to be champions in the insurance industry and in their personal lives. We want to help create leaders in the business world.
14 credit hours

How the Pros Set Appointments
With workbooks, videos, training seminars, and how to design your week, this course helps to separate you from the pack. 
5 credit hours

Referrals and Referral Concepts
We have training workshops and role play for accessing warm leads. Help take yourself to the next level with your clients and your leads. 
10 credit hours

Prospect Training Course
The ultimate Seeing-The-People (STP) mastery course. Add the level of experience the pros use everyday to help grow your business.
14 credit hours

Lead Generation Master Course
State of the art lead generation and seminar setting processes helps to bring your leads in and convert prospects into clients.
8 credit hours

Use high-impact life stories. “Facts tell, stories sell.” Have over 100 high touch stories at your disposal for every occasion, and know how to use them!
8 credit hours

The Top 100
Our ultimate success manual will give you a track to run on and help you manage your schedule. We also review our company’s values and vision for the future.
7 credit hours

Become a Closing Master
Nothing happens until you close. Participate in the Top 100 Closes that superior closers have taught us. Separate yourself from the pack.
15 credit hours

Master Decision Making
We reap what we sow. Learn how to plan, execute, and review the choices you make in order to benefit the lives of you and your family.
5 credit hours

Improve Your Self-Confidence
With help from leaders in the industry, this course gives you the tools you need to succeed and boost your self-confidence.
5 credit hours

Outperform Your Competition
Know your competition. Master skills on how to outperform your competitor every time, and triple your results.
6 credit hours

Your Personal Blueprint
Designed especially for you and your family, the most high-impact workshops are available to help you implement your personal development plan.
5 credit hours

10 Step Personal Development Course
This detailed course addresses all aspects of living life by design, not by default. Develop your personal life and become an outstanding agent.
10 credit hours

Your vision and skills are explored by some of the top masters of our time. Grow into a powerful leader that has the confidence and determination to succeed in life and in the workplace.
14 credit hours

Teamwork and Team Building
Teamwork and leading by example go hand-in-hand. This workshop is developed by masters of teamwork to help you advance your strategies for effective teamwork in the workplace.
12 credit hours

Designing Your Legacy
Leaving a legacy is easy using proven and tested laws. Receive 25 years of research in one 2-day ultimate legacy work shop.
30 credit hours

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